Auto-syncing between Dropbox and files in computer


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Dropbox is so convenient that I recently bought 1 tb space. So I am trying to make use of its large space.
Here is my question. I use mainly "My Documents" folder (in Win 7 and 8 computers) for creating, updating and modifying files everyday. Then I MANUALLY sync the same My Documents folder with that in the Dropbox.

My question is whether there is a way to sync automatically between My Documents in my computer to that in Dropbox. If My Documents folder in Dropbox automatically sync with My Documents folder in my computer, it would be very convenient.

Is that possible?


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Thanks and ....
You're welcome.
If you decide to try it, be sure and post back with your experience and observations.
It may prove helpful to others who may be considering something similar.


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OK. I tried FreeFileSync_6.9_Windows_Setup.exe. It worked very well.
In fact, it is not AUTO-sync but a manual syncing.

I have been using "Folder Clone Pro" for many years. I use to sync between my computers (home and office) and a flash drive. So I got to carry a dedicated flash drive to sync between flash drive and home computer, and then with office computer. Vice versa. I do that every day. I got to do it manually.
The folder clone works well just like FreeFileSync_6.9_Windows_Setup.exe does.

The advantage of using FreeFileSync_6.9_Windows_Setup.exe is that a) it is free and b) no need to carry a flash drive.

What I have been seeking was whether there is a way to sync AUTOMATICALLY when there is a change in file or adding a new file in one of "My Documents" folders.