Basic questions about Windows updates


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Hello, I am new to Windows and am looking for a forum where I can post questions about the Windows 7 operating system that are rather basic in nature. For example, how Windows updates work. I noticed that in Control Panels there is a link to "Windows Update" which has "1 important update selected" displayed with a button to install it. Yet I know that sometimes when I am turning off my computer, I see the message displayed "Windows is installing updates" which leads me to believe that sometimes Windows automatically installs updates without asking me. My question is -- what is the difference? When should I go to the Windows Update window in Control Panels and how would I know if I should install them?
Your assistance with this would be appreciated.
Thank you.



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Go into your Control Panel and set Auto updates to "OFF". Do it manually, that way you get to vet the updates you are offered. As a general rule you do NOT want Windows updating any third party drivers.

All you have to remember is that Windows issues the critical system updates every second Tuesday of the month.

I actually do a daily check to see if there are any "critical" updates available. Takes me all of 15 seconds.