Battery says to be replaced even being a new and healthy one

Hi, I'm using Fujitsu AH530
Yesterday I replaced my broken battery with a new one and today I faced with this issue when I plug out the laptop from the adaptor
You can see the pic below

How to fix it?

No answers yet?


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I did a search on your issue and didn't really come up with a great deal apart from this:

Some battery cells are shipped from factory in some sort of factory sleep mode. By Charging the unit 100% then letting the machine run on battery all the way down till it powers off (5%) repeat process 5-6 times should allow the battary to learn the full charge cycle and give you the maximum useage in hours (approx 4-6 hrs dependent on useage)
I know this was true of older battery types so it might be worth a shot. I found the above from the link here:
AH530 - Battery Life / Usage - Fujitsu Support Forum

Just to add if the above doesn't work I would contact the place you bought the battery and explain the situation. You could also try posting in the forum I linked to above as other users of the same machine mat have had similar problems?

I found it

The problem neither was my battery, nor Windows.
It was just from Power Options as you see in the pic.
I was doing something else last night when I saw this option and found that's the reason of my problem.
Thank you @kemical for searching a lot and answering me.


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Hey good find! Thank you for updating your thread too as this will help others.

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