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I'm using latest Daemon Tools without probs and PS CS4 works fine as well..


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I tried Daemon tools, nt worked. nw after every restart, the setup tries to run. How do we stop it?
Installed MagicISO, worked fine, installed Adobe CS4, worked fine. MS Update works fine too.

Theres's a simple fix for Daemon installer...get the newest SPTD driver (1.60 i think mine is, from the makers of spd rather than Daemon site as there is only 1.58 and wont work on 7600) once installed the Daemon installer works a treat and thats using any build including 7600. sure once installed it will pop up the compatible notice when run but ignore that cos it works fine. for SPTD 1.60

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I am using Adobe Bridge CS4 and Photoshop CS4 on RC 32 bit without problems

I do have to use the Windows update from the Start ==>All appications and not the old web link version however

If you're looking for a 64 bit VPN software, avoid Shrew Soft. Shrew Soft Inc : Download : VPN Client For Windows
I got BSOD twice attempting this install (first time I thought it may have been a 'fluke')

Versions tested (and got BSOD)


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I'd just like to put my hand up and say Daemon Tools works just fine for me.

Magic Disc


Well I've installed Windows 7 Ultimate RTM version on my Dell Studio Notebook, so far Magic Disc have been working perfectly fine, didn't even had to use the vista compatibility mode.

Well I tried few Internet security suites, like Kaspersky 2010, Bit-defender 2009, the software works fine, but the only problem was the internet connection kept on getting disconnected. I tried many things, then disabled the firewall, and then internet worked fine.

Then i installed AVG internet security 8.5, and everything works fine now...!


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Hi there - Alcohol 52 doesn't work. If you install you'll get a re-boot prompt. After the re-boot you'll get the same prompt over and over again.

The problem is that the "Virtual SCSI" driver used to create the "Virtual CD drive" doesn't work in W7 X32 or X64.

Problem is probably related to slysoft's clone cd as well --different implementations of similar technology. However just cancel the prompt with alcohol 52 and it's gone --it doesn't break anything else.

it didn't happen to my Win7 64. it installed flawlessly.

must be something else in your system that's causing this.


SAS got my W7 all locked up! As I remember, it installed just fine, then when I tried Scan, it locked up so tight that mouse and keyboard would not work. I uninstalled SuperAntiSpyware.

Hi every one....
what u guys think about ..if we install 2 antivirus for windows 7 RC 32 bit or 64 bit?
it`s work very well
but need prossecor intel core 2 dou 2.0 Ghz or higher for better and fast performance
memory of RAM about 1Gb or 2 Gb for faster...
If u just use the notebook/pc for home use only maybe this useless but if u guys are in office...then....u not need buys antivirus just buy windows 7.......................................,

Not beleive it ...try
don`t forget send present or anything to thanks me.........

bye2 kapersky ..!(go back to proudly lab changet it too kentucky online lab)
bye2 Norton ..!(go back research ur norton family)
bye2 Panda ...!(go eat ur bamboo)
bye2 Trendmicro...!(u not any trend now)
bye Mcafee....!(maybe u can learn to MC donald)
BYe fsecure ...!(u just protect mobile phone)

Generally,it's a bad idea to install 2 major antivirus programs like these.Besides slowing everything down and taking up alot of resources,you're bound to have compatability problems sooner or later.There are some u can get that complement your main antivirus,google it,there are quite a few to add to your protection.I just use Avira premium security suite with winpatrol,which seems a good mix for me.But i have tried others that work.But as i said,i wouldn't use 2 programs that are made to work on their own together(i have tried this many times with different programs,and i always end up uninstalling one of them).

There are no problems using CS4 with Windows 7. I'm using Design Premium CS4, specifically.

Where did you hear this information from, or was it from your own experience?

FWIW PS Elements 7.0 works just fine on W7 x64 Retail, although I haven't tested CS4 yet. Once I do I will report back. btw How come I received my retail pre-order version on the 19th from PC World (UK)? I must be a super valued customer eh!? :p

ps. I got an e-mail from PCW on the 20th saying the software would leave their depot on the 21st with delivery expected 5 days later...


When I tried to install CS4, the entire operating system went haywire. I had to reinstall Win7 all together. I am beginning to hate Win7 as much as VISTA. Not there yet, but on the way.

Out of interest, was the x86 or x64 flavour of Win 7?

Think Kaspersky should be added to this. installed it alone with there patch or whatever that was had to do a full system restore

unlocker 1.8.7

it installs just fine but doesnt actually work, no other side effect issues, just the program doesnt function

Try PowerISO ;) worked for me!

So I guess maybe Daemon Tools was causing my optical drive issues. Hmmm...
i use DEAMONtool Lite,
it works as it should on Win Ultimate 64 bit !

Kapersky,unlocker and daemon tools

Kapersky,unlocker (1.8.8 now)and daemon tools all work fine with my windows 7 32 bit.Unlocker wasn't made for 64 bit.Daemon tools,u have to run in compatibility mode,and install the latest sptd driver which is 1.60 at the mo i think.Kapersky 2010 IS i find is slow loading files tho'.I think avira and eset security is the best for win 7 for speed and effectiveness.Am trying out commodo firewall with A squared at the moment.Seems ok so far.Using the new Cfos traffic shaping instead of qos now,good for p2p and surfing(especially at the same time).Use openDNS,much more secure and quicker than ur isp's,has blocked so much malware so far,and dodgy sites.U get ur own dashboard with stats and settings.Brill.

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SPTD is upto 1.62

Is there anyway to update this list and make it an actual list?

I'm sure some of the programs that were posted back in January probably work now or not?

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