Beware: Do Not Install

I'm not sure if this was mentioned or not but DO NOT install and use Partition Magic!! That is a serious fail of an idea and I learned the hard way haha

@ Dillllon, why would you need Partition magic?
Here's a list of all the software that works fine for me :)


has installed daemon tools lite, for me it works, on beginning was saying "version uncompatible" but stops...

I tried Daemon tools, nt worked. nw after every restart, the setup tries to run. How do we stop it?
Installed MagicISO, worked fine, installed Adobe CS4, worked fine. MS Update works fine too.

Tried installing Agnitum Outpost FW, installation was smooth, but during some configuration settings in the network, my lappy restarted, against bootup, got BSOD. Hurray!!!
Lappy restarted automatically and Win 7 gave me option to repair and then to system restore, did it, got bac Win 7. Doubted, it was caused due to NIS 2009 Pre-release beta for Win 7, so removed it. Tried installing again, BSOD. But now no repair option, so went to safe mode, uninstalled Outpost, got bac Win 7.
Crazy thou!!!

Demon tools

Strange... I managed to have no problems at all installing and using demon tools lite

I think it may have shown a message or two while installing, but it works find and mounts images perfectly normally in windows 7 x64 build7100

Hi every one....
what u guys think about ..if we install 2 antivirus for windows 7 RC 32 bit or 64 bit?
it`s work very well
but need prossecor intel core 2 dou 2.0 Ghz or higher for better and fast performance
memory of RAM about 1Gb or 2 Gb for faster...
If u just use the notebook/pc for home use only maybe this useless but if u guys are in office...then....u not need buys antivirus just buy windows 7.......................................,

Not beleive it ...try
don`t forget send present or anything to thanks me.........

bye2 kapersky ..!(go back to proudly lab changet it too kentucky online lab)
bye2 Norton ..!(go back research ur norton family)
bye2 Panda ...!(go eat ur bamboo)
bye2 Trendmicro...!(u not any trend now)
bye Mcafee....!(maybe u can learn to MC donald)
BYe fsecure ...!(u just protect mobile phone)

Alreet lads.. just registered cause I felt obliged to thank this fine gentleman for creating such a brilliant post :eek:

Nice forum btw


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Daemon tool should be updated real soon as SPTD 159 is out, however by cleaning the registry of the SPTD key fixed the installer for 159 and daemon tools so I'm now happy chappie

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Also had issues trying to get Badabing video converter to run....shame cos cuda enhanced transcoding.

I installed cs4 master collection, and used photoshop, illustrator, flash, premiere, after effects so far without any problem. Windows Update is also working.

CS4 is running fine here as well as Daemon Tools, how old is this post sticky? I have build 7100

Photoshop Users

This is for all Photoshop users.

Which version of Windows 7 are you using -- 32-bit or 64-bit?

I am running the 64-bit version.

I also am using Visual FoxPro 9.0.

Installed FoxPro first, then Office 2007, then Photoshop CS3.

Visual FoxPro will no longer load and I get an Insufficient Memory error, even though I have 10 gigs installed.

Am wondering if Photoshop might be the problem.


Currently Alcohol DOES NOT work with Windows 7...the company thmselves have stated this.

Magic disk works flawlessly on my system with Win 7....mebbe I'm just lucky!!

BEWARE NMC Player \AniPlayer

Found another one that is probably going to be easy to run into.Many of us video entusiasts like to keep an mplayer +gui laying around because it will play almost anything even damaged files. Only problem is that something about mplayer's accessing of the video driver (WDDM issue i think) most mplayer builds disable aero.If one goes looking for a vista\aero compatible Mplayer you will come very quickly accross these two players they come bundled together NMC is the GUI AniMplayer is the Mplayer build or vice versa. They seem to work okay no disabling of the pretty eye-candy but, very poor codec support i found alot of formats that wouldn't play some even fatally hung the player so i decided it wasn't worth the clutter i would remove it here comes the problem, the uninstaller hangs and has to be killed an hour later with process explorer. The failed uninstall or possibly the install i didn't check in beetween broke almost every player encoder i use except WMP WMC! After several re installs a pass with revo yada yada , i discover that what is supposed to be a monolithic, standalone executable (mplayer bundles every codec directshow filter it uses for itselfand no other app no registration needed) made 73 registry entries that it cannot undo because it's un install hang every time its run in every compatibility mode. I don't believe at this point that anything besides a clean install of seven will truly fix this but i'm going to try manually bit by bit to rebuild my damaged registry untill the upgrade arrives more as a learning experience about the W7 registry.I don't kow for sure if it is entirely a W7 conflict with this player or something else i've installed as well that caused this problem and the damage is so extensive i'll never know for sure as i'm not doing multiple clean installs of windows to verify it. My plan and suggestion to you folks is to avoid this player at all costs cause this sucks!

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Version 2.7 MagicDisc runs just fine here on RC.


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hi everybody

photoshop cs4 works perfectly on my computer, with windows 7, no bugs
dreamweaver works fine
Acrobat 9 pro works fine
nero 8.6 works fine
AVG internet secutity 8.5 works without problems



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im fairly sure it had the same whilst trying to instal daemon tools it would keep asking for a restarting and never go anywhere with the instalion process.

anyone know another program that can be used to mount images?
Not sure, but I use powerISO on Vista, not sure if it will work on 7 or not.


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PowerISO works fine with Windows 7 RTM. I am using mounted images on a daily basis.

Win RC build 7100 here
PS CS4 Extended runs fine here.
The only thing I noticed is that when switching from one user that has PS running, over to another user (with limited rights), PS doesn't respond anymore when going back to the first user that runs PS. Have to close and reopen the program.
So if you want to switch to your son's account because he wants you to pick set him a new wallpaper, remember to save your work in PS before switching back and forth ;)

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