Big keyboard problems, help!


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Hey there. I am on windows 8,1, and had something happen today....

My keyboard is acting weird, when I press "escape" it goes to the windows 8 start menu, when I press "w" it closes the page I am on, and a bunch of other stuff. For the way it acts with"w" I think the PC thinks the "alt" key is pressed down. But it's not the keyboard itself, tried two diff ones and the on screen keyboard, they all do the same thing.

Any ideas what is causing this and how to fix? Thanks!

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There seems to be an issue with keyboard setup involving the "ctrl" key.

ctrl+esc = windows key (which is a shortcut to start menu)
ctrl+w = close window

Your ctrl key seemed to be locked.
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Have a look in "Ease of Access" in the Control Panel. Click "Make the Keyborad easier to use" and then "Set up Sticky Keys", and see if anything has been wrongly selected there.