Black screen and other bizarre things happening.

Today when I was doing nothing really at all on my computer I decided to go on speedfan, after I clicked it on my desktop a black screen appeared which looked like my monitor wasn't plugged in (even though it was) and stayed like that for about 5 minutes before I manually shut it down. After I turned it back on, I was stuck on my desktop, with no desktop icons, the start menu icons were the default paper icons with the folded corner, my start menu button was still there, but I could not click it. My time in the corner was also messed up to something like 29/05/23957. So, I had to manually turn it off and back on again, and found that I could use my PC once more, however, some of my system tray icons were invisible, and my time was again randomized, however this time to sometime in 2009. Because I was able to use my computer, I simply restarted it and all was fine.

Simply, I'd like to know whats causing this and how/ or if I could stop it from happening again. Thanks.

Edit: After restarting I clicked speedfan once more and all is fine. I just don't know why this is happening randomly. This happened before but for no reason, my computer literally froze instead of displaying a black screen.

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Anyone? I don't know why its happening, its a gaming pc and the only thing i do is play games, I have done multiple scans so I know it isnt a virus or anything. I'm really puzzled. I'd just like to know as soon as possible because if it is a hardware issue I can return it and sort it, i've had the computer for a good year and never had a problem like this, i've been having other multiple issues too starting from 2014. Seems like just a bad year


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Black screen can happen... for many reasons. That was good, eh? Not trying to be funny.

Most probably a file issue. Seemingly you can relate it to Speedfan, so I would suggest you uninstall it, and do a cleanup with CCleaner or Advanced System Care, checking the registry, in order to get rid of everything. Then run your computer without Speedfan... if all is well, you probably know the issue.

First aid, this is.

Thanks for replying, i'll try it now.

Okay, just uninstalled speedfan, I also used ccleaner's cleaner and registry scans, in which I just saved some space and fixed some files with the registry cleaner. I also installed advanced system care and scanned with that, (really good program especially for being free.) I'll let comment if anything else happens.

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