Black Screen of Death, Windows Explorer Failed, Safe Mode Boot freezes at Classpnp.sys, please help.

Hi everyone,

The other day while I was using my pc the windows explorer program suddenly stopped working. I rebooted my computer, and received the black screen of death upon log in (only the cursor works). I am able to open task manager, but attempting to open any other window through task manager causes everything to freeze and stop working indefinitely. When I restart the computer and hold f8 to go to the other boot options, the safe mode ones will begin loading files and then freeze indefinitely at Classpnp.sys. Additionally, performing a system restore/repair will cause the computer to freeze indefinitely right as the bar indicating file loading progress reaches the end.

I have searched online for days and cannot find a solution. Please help me out, would really really appreciate it in this moment.

Thank you,


some windows updates are cousing that try this

1) Power on the pc
2) Press F12 or what ever key is for your bios key to enter the BIOS
3) Go to "Advanced" menu
4) Go down to "System Config"
5) Change SATA Controller from "AHCI" to "Compatibility"
6) Press F10 to save and exit
if it dont work you can rever back anytime hope well good luck

in one of my costumer had the same issue and it was coused by this and This appears to be related to an AHCI/IDE driver update which renders the PC unbootable


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Sounds like you can get to "Repair Your Computer" and what I would suggest you do is choose the "cmd" prompt and then type in "chkdsk /r"
and then hit "enter" on the keyboard. If it asks you to approve it for next start up "Y" is the answer and again hit "enter" on the keyboard
and then restart. It should restart into checkdisk and there are 5 cycles and this can take many hours to complete so don't panic.


In my BIOS settings I only have SATA options for AHCI or Raid :/

instructions in post #2 if you need more help let us know


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Hi Luigi;
We really don't have enough information from you on your computer environment to give you sound advise here. Please post Make/Model of your computer for us. Is it a Desktop PC, or a laptop/table? It would also be helpful to know your other hardware specs, as that's why many computers fail. Get the free SPECCY diagnostic from and post back the output text file (.txt) back here to this thread, and we will review and provide you more custom-tailored repair solutions for you to try.

P.S. There is no such thing as "Black Screen of Death"; only "Blue Screen of Death" or BSOD; the screen you are referring to we call a Black & White diagnostic screen.


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