Blank Blue Screen

Recently I have been having troubles, whenever I login theres a blank blue screen that stays for like 45 minutes and then I can finally use it. I some ways I found on the internet but none of them worked, if I can get some opinions that'll be great. Thanks.
fyi: This is not the BSOD and it only happened recently, not before. (Something installed?)

It didn't work


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Perhaps the redneck method? Try to localize the time when problems started, and uninstall programs you've got after that. You can do it one by one. You can also undo Windows Updates, Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Windows Update > View update history. Sometimes Windows updates cause more problems than they solve.

To somehow solve the date would be important.

Have you connected some new hardware? Say, an extra monitor?

Have you checked the Event Viewer, Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Administrative Tools\Event Viewer? Or tried to restore, Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Recovery > >> pick "Show more restore points" in order to see more options.

Sorry if I sound abrupt, I wish you the very best.

I don't have any restore points because I didn't create any but I did adapt a new keyboard and it happened ever since I disconnected it, maybe that'll work. I'm not sure about the updates stuff though, thanks.


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Windows automatically creates restore points when you update - at least mine does. There should be some? A good move to check that, even if your system works, now that we are at it...

By the way, it's generally recommended in this Forum, and I do so too, to take automatic updates off, and just have Windows inform that updates are available. All automatic functions in that area are highly disputable, concerns all and every program; I encourage you to be the final Master of your own computer.

Ummm, im not sure how to do that but ill find out later, I looked at my restore points again and there was some but before there wasnt so thats kinda weird. Thanks


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Well anyway, since I seem to have forsaken courtesy, I do it now: welcome to the Forum. Let us hear from you. :)

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