Block temporarily all (outgoing) traffic WITHOUT firewall?


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Is it possible to block temporarily all (outgoing) Internet traffic WITHOUT using the build-in Windows firewall?

I guess there is a simple utility which offers a "traffic OFF" button which obviously cuts all traffic until the user re-pushes him.

Is there such a tool or another simple way for that?



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It's fairly easy to block all outgoing traffic. The problem would be that "all outgoing traffic" will include replies to incoming traffic effectively invalidating received traffic which is awaiting responses so causing more or less everything to hang except for protocols which do not require responses.


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Yes, but it's not all that simple using Windows-only utilities. Ordinarily, you can use a version of Internet Security such as Norton Security Deluxe, or McAfee SafeScan to do this rather easily. There are also standalone products from both of these companies and others offering "personal firewall" products which will do the same thing. And there are various 3rd party utilities that offer that same feature; some are free and some are paid.

Any particular reason why you wish to Block all outbound traffic?? As Pat suggests, if you attempt to Block all outbound traffic on your computer with Windows or any other program, you can pretty much kiss goodbye ever using the Internet again until you re-enable your outbound traffic!:noway: