Windows 10 Blue screen of death help

Conor Austin

Sep 24, 2015
My computer is a Lenovo u530 touch and I got this message that said no hard disk detected and I was playing with the settings and I booted legacy mode I believe. Now I have a black screen that says no bootable device found insert boot disc. My computer doesn't even have a disc drive! WhAt do I do

Ps. It currently has a SSHD and I'm replacing it with a 500gn ssd .

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try pressing F11 or a 'ThinkVantage' button. This may get you into a recovery console. I found this information vis the support page for your machine:
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What is a thinkvantage button?if I hit f11 it goes into a loop of the levovo name and then it says can't find hard disk please insert a cd to fix it but like I said I don't even have a cd drive

Well I was trying to get you into the recovery section of your laptop and simply copied the information from the support page. Maybe your machine doesn't have a Thinkvantage button but when you bought it you must have got a manual? This should show you how to access the recovery section which will allow you to either repair the machine or return to factory defaults.
Failing that you'll need to ask a friend to download the necessary files for you, pop them onto USB and then repair the system.

Okay can you tell me were to download the nessesary files for the usb?

Ah I found what i was looking for originally.. This should help you repair your machine:
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PXE-M0F: Exiting PXE ROM
No bootable device -- insert bootable disk and press any key

1). Iv seen various ways online and they say to hold f keys but none work a it just goes in a circle of restarting and showing this screen
2).the "novo" button absolutely does nothing
3).(The picture)
I am completely and utterly stumped


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Ok well if your machine came with an activation key (usually written on a sticker applied to the machine somewhere or you could try Jellybean to find out your key:
KeyFinder | Magical Jelly Bean )

You or your friend can then use this page to download the windows 8 or 8.1 install iso.
Upgrading Windows with only a product key - Windows Help

Place the iso files on the USB stick using this app:
Rufus - Create bootable USB drives the easy way

Once you complete the above you'll need to enter the bios and change the boot order so that your laptop will from the USB stick. Reboot and watch for any prompts to press any key. This is so you can re-install but access the repair console. When you get to the install page look for Repair near bottom left or right.

Then there's another problem. I bought this laptop refurbished so I did not get any off the original packaging

Okay I'm going to have access to that later tonight so it looks like my only option. So thank you for all the help its greatly appreciated. But I'm replacing the SSHD in a few days anyway with a crucial ssd 500gb so should I even bother with This?

So i imagine you'll be purchasing a copy of windows then? If so. it's entirely up to you especially if you have stuff on there you want saving.

About what size usb would be required to migrate windows to the new one

Hi Conor,
you can buy kits when purchasing your SSD which will allow you to migrate the os over safely.
This video from Samsung shows how easy it is to migrate the os:

Hi kemical,

Okay so I have created a recovery of windows on a usb drive but nothing happens

Hi everyone,
I have a Lenovo U530 touch and I'm getting the message shown in the picture. It is STUCK on this screen and I CANT access any settings. A nice guy on here already tried to help but I'm not getting anywhere but I have a unique situation.

I currently have a SSHD and that is what is giving me problems. I have an SSD that I would like to switch it for so :

1). Iv created a boot usb from my friends windows laptop (very small and bottom of the line) but my computer won't detect it. It is on WINDOWS 10.

2). It is a used laptop so I DO NOT have the product key. But I have the jelly bean key detector. So if I can't get my computer rebooted I could get it.

3). Should I just forget this crap and install the SSD and proceed to buy windows again?

Did you set the machine to boot from the USB stick? If not I'd try that, you'll need to go into the bios and change the boot order.

This guide is for an ACER laptop but basically the process is the same for any computer re the bios:
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Okay I got it working sorta! I'm at the troubleshoot option but none seem to work


I believe at this point I need the jelly bean key finder because to reset it says I need a partition so how do I do that. I have the program on my usb


I currently have windows 10 but it came with 8.1 so do I have 8.1 on the usb