Bluescreen of Death

Hey guys, how's it going. :) I was just playing Minecraft and in the process of finding some ores I got a Blue Screen Restart where the computer appeared to find an error of some kind and decided to reboot to protect the computer as you will see in the folder I will provide. All zipped up for you. I'm scanning with MalwareBytes at the moment, and it seems I have 3 viruses, when that is finished I can upload that as a screeny or just tell you the info by post if you would like. I would just like to know whether this is an issue of promblems with one of my cpu's or something that needs to be fixed, or just one of those moments where something just messes up once and might not happen again.

Update: Nevermind about the viruses, two of them were false-positives in game folders. (yesh, I like to cheat a little in singleplayer gameplay after I've beaten a game once.) And the other was something related to a third party program I had to install along with a legitimate utility awhile back, made by Microsoft I believe so no worries, it was some coupon program, I was planning to uninstall it soon anyways. I'll post a screeny of my Computer Properties once I restart my computer in order to get rid of that coupon program "trojan".


More information, I successfully ran sfc /scannow and it did not find any files that were corrupted and/or needed to be replaced. I also checked drivers for my NIC, Video adapter, and CPUs to see if any needed new drivers, all were in working order and were not reported as malfunctioning and the drivers I have continue to be the best ones for the devices. I don't know if there is a different item in device manager that is specifically for the chipset relating to the kernel but I can't imagine that would be the issue if the BSoD is relating to system files and not driver files by the reports, it was still good to check and make sure though I guess.


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You know what, forget about it. It's been a week, and this has happened a second time. I don't know if somehow I managed to arbitrarily post this in the wrong forum section or something, but it doesn't matter. I've installed windows 7 SDK for its debugging tools, realized I had not disabled the automatically reboot setting for BSoD, and I plan to take this up to my Computers Information Technology class to have the Instructor help me with this on Monday. If you want you can go ahead and close this thread, or delete it. By the time anyone even decides to post saying that people have visited this thread and help might eventually arrive, my CPU could be the next piece of toast I have for breakfast, so don't even bother. I'll just find out for myself from now on.

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