Boot problem

But i want to conserve personnal files by an windows.old

If all other avenues to fix your issue has failed, then a complete format and clean install is your only option. Like I said previously, check with the linux distro you have for a forum for some answers to your issue.


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There are so many questions that can be asked in a situation such as yours.

As now has been mentioned, is one or both installs configured as UEFI. It makes a big difference how the configuration is set.

But since you have done some basic Boot configuration changes, for now I will ask one question. When you go into the bios or open a Boot Device Menu, what options are listed, exactly? If you see one that mentions a "Windows Boot Manger", choose it and boot.

If you don't have any bootable option, a picture of a Diskpart listing from the Command prompt might help us see your situation. Open Diskpart then use a list disk command. Pick the disk number you want to check, probably 0 and type the commands below.

list disk
select disk 0
list partition

Maybe use a camera and take a picture of the readout.

If you don't have any boot options which lead to Windows, the only other thing I could suggest is using a command to set the boot back to a Windows version. This is only usable on a MBR (Legacy) install and will not help a UEFI install.

Bootsect /nt60 all

But, as Bassfisher says, it may be best to reinstall. Using a Linux live Distro to recover files from your drive may be of help, or place the drive in an external caddy.


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Can you comfirm for me that you did a system recovery from a windows 8 (or 8.1) install disc and that has failed?

If the above is true then your windows is gone and I would move on to a fresh install as bassfisher6522 says... in fact, I would also insert a new (blank) hdd first so the old files can be recovered after but perhaps that is outside your budget.

The solution is to install ntfs package on linux distro and reload grub2 je automaticly détect win8 and add it to boot, thandicape for everything ! :)

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