Boot wont work, recovery doesnt boot, reinstall doesnt boot, nothing boots.

Ive got a really nasty problem with my laptop. I had a bluescreen but wasnt at the screen, so I only saw the last 5 seconds before the system restartet itself and couldnt identify the error code. Reboot did advance until the Windows logo and than stayed there. The logo was still animated, so the boot just stayed there, but didnt freeze. I tried the onboard start helper\recovery, but just got passed the windows logo and than didnt go further than the black screen. I tried USB boot. Same thing. DVD boot. Same thing. I even tried it with a windows 8 usb, but it also stopped at the blue windows logo and the points running circles.
I noticed that on all ocasions I hear the same sound from the machine, repeated over and over again. Its hard to describe this sound, like something was starting and than ending with a click.

What it sounds like is your HDD failing....I'd replace is ASAP!

Unfortunately it was the HDD... Thanks for the hint, wouldnt have found it^^

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