Booting problem (bad one)

looks like i've spoken too soon :( even in safe mode i'm having is not slow and my OS is perfect...i'm just getting a few blue screens regarding win32k.sys
I got tired , formatted my HD and reinstalled windows. Everything's fine expect for that damn blue screen...i'm updating every driver right now...i really hope that's the problem :)


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Getting that error usually points to either bad RAM, faulty os installation or your HDD may be buggered.

If you can get it to run, try testing each RAM module individually (this is important) with: Memtest86+ - Advanced Memory Diagnostic Tool

To test your HDD is ok, go to this site: Hard Drive Testing Tools - Top 7 Free Hard Drive Testing Tools - Hard Drive Diagnostics and utilise the instructions found there..

You also really need to find out what your PSU is kicking out power wise..

Good luck :)

Hey It's me again :)
I've run a memtest86 and i couldn't run the singleCPU test with the latest version so i did it with the previous one , it "only" found some problems during test n7 ( random number sequence ) : 188 in slot 0 and 205 in slot 2
I've run multiCPU scan too but it freezed during test found 46 errors in slot 0 and 28 in slot 2 before freezing..
Is it bad ? I've never run such a test before..
Thank You!


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Sounds like you may have some bad RAM. Did you test each stick on it's own?

do i have to manually remove a stick to do that? the errors are on both sticks , could it be only one of them is damaged?


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Yes, remove one at a time and test them individually. If both sticks report problems, just check your bios settings are correct. If they are, then you may have two bad sticks.

Hello guys,
Im writing here because this is my last hope , i really pray that you can help me!!
Something like 2 months ago i started having problems with PC is brand new and haven't had any problem , but then all of a sudden things started going wrong:
My operating system ( Vista home 32bit) kept freezing from time to time , programs stopped working and i had to stare at a grey-like desktop...i couldn't even ctrl+alt+del or alt+tab!! the only thing i could do was reboot manually
Everytime i reboot after a freeze though, i always recieve a dos error message : most of the times it's something like BOOTING FAILED , INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND PRESS ENTER but also this: BOOTMRG IMAGE IS CORRUPT or any kind of problem regarding winload.exe. Sometimes it's not even an error message..the screen remains on the starting page without showing anything else...usually that screen page lasts a few seconds when everything it lasts hours! The curious thing is that i just need to turn off my PC , WAIT like a few hours , then try to turn on my pc again and it works perfectly. I still need to figure it out... i mean , if ther's a problem how come i just need to try again after a few hours and it works? Sometimes my OS works perfectly , i can run up to 20 programs without lag but other times it's just too laggy or slow to even open a folder! and of course when it happens i cant turn it off...i have ot reboot...and then again the error messages come up! This is really frustrating...i tried repairing it with the vista disk but nothing happened..i tried to install every single update but again nothing...i've run more than one antivirus ...i've browsed for a solution on the web and tried everything but still nothing:( if any of you know the source of my problem please let me know!!!
Thank you for your time
hi there i`m new on this forum. I have the same problem, but i think i know what`s the answer!!!!
is an explanation what to do. i think this problem starts at 4.04. i`m gonna try it today and i`ll say if it worked!!!!!:cool:

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