Booting windows from USB. Please help.


Hello guys. I have a real problem that I dont know how to deal with. I try to reinstall windows on my Toshiba Satellite laptop from usb stick. I used Windows 7 USB DVD download tool for booting the usb flash stick. I tried both WIN 7 and WIN 8.1 installation. In bios I set the priority for USB. But when I save and exit, it just loads the old windows every time and no installation starts. I tried also my dvd with WIN 7 installation, it still loads the old win. I have done this before and I know that these installations are good, because they run on my other pc like a charm. Please give me some advice!


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Try tapping the F12 key when you start your laptop. That should provide a boot menu from which you can select your preferred boot device.
Seems every BIOS manufacturer has a different hotkey or they change it from one year to the next, so your boot menu key may be different and you may or may not see a reference to it during the machine POST screen.


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F12 should be the one. At least it is for my Toshiba. If you are running windows 8 or 8.1 on it now you will have first disable fast boot.


I already tried hitting F12. It shows that USB KINGSTON blablabla is in the first place. I press enter and it still loads the old windows.


Nevermind. Installed the Windows onto a new dvd - worked fine. Seems like my laptop just doesnt like this particular usb stick.


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Some utilities, like the one you used will format the drive as NTFS. If you have a UEFI install, it will not boot to that version because it needs FAT32.

Folks seem to like Rufus, as Bassfisher recommends, but I just use the simple way to make a bootable Flash Drive... Diskpart..

With the Windows 8 DVD, you have to be very fast and hit a key when requested, or it will bypass the DVD.

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Try a better option with yumi bootable application for windows. There might be problem with os that some time all os do not support all bootable applications.