brand new computer with mmloaddrive.exe error! Please help

Hi I'm totally a newbie greatly in need of advice and steering in the right direction.

I just bought a brand new never been used desktop pc pre installed with 64 bit Windows 8.1 and I'm straight up getting a mmloaddrive.exe error Window pop up at start up. what is going on? Should I return it? Can I fix it? Please help me. Thanks in advance, Leila


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I don't seem to have that file on my system. Was this system set up to run the Out of the Box setup after you started it up the first time? Could it be some OEM type exe file necessary to set it up?

Have you loaded any software yet?

You might check the Event Viewer to see if anything is showing up there.


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This is part of your graptic card driver... could be a virus but imo just an outdated driver.
1. run a scan with a good anti-v like Avast or avg.
2. then update your driver... don't use the crap Microsoft one but get it from the card website.

Ps. Just to be clear, NEVER have more than one anti-virus program running at a time… you can (and really should) switch between different anti-virus programs to get a more comprehensive scan but always remove the old one before installing a new one.

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Thanks for your help :)

It was set up but the first time i turned it in i had to select location and language etc. And I then loaded chrome

The file is actually called mmloaddrv.exe

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