Broke my computer screen. Need some advice


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Hello there. I just dropped my computer as I was carrying it downstairs. As you can see ,the screen isn't cracked or anything. But something from the inside is messed up. Not sure what exactly is wrong. And I'm not asking on how to fix it or anything. Because i know i can't .
My question is could someone tell me what's wrong exactly? Again it turns on and everything works just one side of the screen is white.

I'll be talking my laptop to the store. What would I tell the people what's going on. A brief idea. What needs to be replaced?

Thanks in advance

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Tell the repair tech what you had just told us.

As to what to replaced; only the repair tech can tell you because he/she will have the advantage of physically checking your machine, while we can offer no more not than educated guess.


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The LCD screen is composed of multiple layers. The outside of your screen is ok but the more fragile layers inside (the substrate or the liquid crystal, etc.) probably took the worse impact.

Oops, see other comment.

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Hi, the impact of dropping the laptop has obviously damaged the screen, there could also be damage to the inverter. Any good repair shop will easily fix the problem and it won't be too expensive to fix.


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You might check to see if it looks the same on an external monitor. That might help give you guidance as to what might be wrong. Although I have seen a laptop screen that had a discolored display where the external picture was normal.

But I would not be surprised if the repair person told you the LCD panel might be faulty in some way.


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Thanks everyone for the replies. Glad to know it isn't such a big issue. I'll get it fixed soon as possible.

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