BSOD by nvidia driver?

Alright Ill try more tests here for the cpu, just to furthermore eliminate the ram, I removed another stick so that I am only runing 1 8gb stick. Then I ran memtest86+ on in for 14 hours and got 14 passes with no errors, so I know that this ram is fine. So if I get an error on the CPU tests, it's not the ram.

Well that didn't take aslong as I thought it would.
So I ran the Intel Processor diagnostic and roughly 4 or 5 times and it passed it everytime. However, then I ran the intel burn test V2.54 and after only 33.62 seconds it already had a failure and the test stopped. Everything is still at stock settings, just to remind you.
Do you think it's the motherboard since the diagnostic passes? Or the fact that Prime95 and the burn test fails it's the CPU?


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I'd guess at the CPU. It's more likely because the both Prime95 and the Burn test are aimed at memory/CPU issues.
If you get a new CPU, purchase it from a place that'll let you return it if it's not needed (just in case).

As you probably remember, there were a lot of other issues that we initially through were motherboard problems. Also, power supply problems can cause low level system problems, as can memory located in places other than the CPU or RAM (such as Video RAM).

What I'm saying here is that we're playing a guessing game at this point. If you guess right, things are fixed - if you guess wrong, we'll have to check more stuff (and this is done by replacing parts, so it can get expensive).

I have stsrted an RMA for the motherboard and im gonna throw my 789gtx's into my brothers gaming computer that's runing a completly stable 670gtx and see if he gets video card problems so i can rule those out.


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Probably the best thing - as it'll save you money. If you rule out the video card, and then still have problems with the new mobo - then it's time to try a new CPU.

Good luck!

Sorry about the wait for the update.

So I'm still waiting on the RMA for the Motherboard, however I have put my 780's into my brothers gaming computer, replacing his 670GTX. And low and behold they run with no problems what so ever in his system, no crashing, no bugs, no visual artifacts and so on.

So with that out of the way, it at least makes it more clear, because we know for a fact that the RAM and the Graphic cards are stable.

Alright well, just got my board back.

Good news is that I can actually use RAID on this board, where as the other one wouldn't even post after a cold boot when the Sata mode was set to RAID instead of AHCI, this one works fine.

The bad news is that it still blue screens alot, to the point where it's hard to post this message. Ill post the dumps and we'll see what's causing it now.

EDIT, upon closer personal review using Bluescreen viewer, it seems that each one is caused by the exact same driver and exact same address each time.


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