BSOD extravaganza on new build HELP!!!

I had already previously uninstalled kaspersky internet security 2011 using the uninstall that came with the program and had installed MSE.

So I installed it again and then tried to uninstall it using kavremover from the site you gave and that program doesn't detect kaspersky IS 2011 in safe mode or regular. So I used Kaspersky Lab Products Remover in safe mode from here Uninstall Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 & Antivirus 2011 With Kaspersky Lab Products Remover It said it completed successfully.

I then installed MSE. and rebooted several times.
After another cold start, more BSOD's.

EDIT: Since I'm only getting BSOD's on COLD START...should I be testing my RAM or hard drive on that first cold start?


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OK! I think I may have solved the problem.

Being that I was ONLY getting BSOD's on Cold Starts seemed fishy.

Although I had tested the memory numerous times overnight after the computer was already warmed up without any errors. I just tested it for the first time with memtest86+ on a cold start and got over 50,000 errors within the first pass. Unless you guys suspect that is anything besides bad memory, I will go ahead and RMA it. Thanks for the help

Before RMA, increase the RAM voltage (vdimm) in the bios settings by .1 to see if it tests stable cold. If not, try .2. If that's bad, RMA.

unfortunately I don't think my bios allows me to change RAM voltage. At least not that I can see or find.

Sure it does. Even the most basic and cheapest motherboard from years ago allows to do so. Check the manual if necessary.

**SOLVED** 2 Sticks of faulty RAM (2X2gb Corsair DDR3 1333mhz), which only showed errors on cold starts. Got RMA without a problem and now running fine!

Thanks for all your help!

That's a treat. Glad to hear it. You're welcome and thanks for telling us.

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