BSOD - Getting same error code, Not to sure whats up.

Hello everyone,

I'm seeing the same BSOD 6 out of the 7 times it's happened over past week, I'm not to sure what the problem is I haven't overclocked or nothing all bulk standard and would like someone's help on solving this problem i'll attach the 2 Crash minidump files that has happened hopefully someone can be a great help me! Also just had BSOD 50 code.

Please let me know if you need anymore information regarding the minidump files

On windows 7 home edition - Using z97x-gaming 3 motherboard - Vengeance 8G of Ram 2400MHZ - Have Samsung SSD 120GB also 1TB HD Seagate - Graphic Card is Nvida 760GT.


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Use !analyze -v to get detailed debugging information.

BugCheck 124, {0, fffffa8007724028, bf800000, 200401}

Probably caused by : GenuineIntel

Followup: MachineOwner
both dump files were Bugcheck 124 which can mean a hardware error occurred although software can also trip this Bugcheck. One major cause is heat and as these chips can be a tad warm check your temps when running the machine especially when it's under stress. If your also using Stock cooling this may also be related. Monitor your temps using this app:
I notice that at the time of bsod the process under use was thermald.exe. This relates to a Gigabyte app and looking through your driver stack I found this:

gdrv.sys Fri Mar 13 03:22:29 2009: Gigabyte Easy Saver - mobo power utility driver
etdrv.sys Fri Mar 20 02:59:06 2009: Generic Port I/O, May be part of Gigabyte Tools Easy Tune 6 (incompatible with Win7)

Try removing anything thats Gigabyte related just to be sure.

Lastly a word on Norton AV. This Anti Virus app can be the cause of many an issue and it's certainly not the app it once was back in 2002. It wraps it's tentacles into almost every part of the os and isn't a pretty sight.
Personally I'd remove it using the norton removal tool and just stick with MSE backed up with Malwarebytes. It is of course entirely up to you..
Norton removal tool
(Many of us here run this type of set up.)

Post any new dump files.

Okay thank you for the quick reply much appreciated thing is you mentioned about my temps I've always monitored these never seem them going about 55C under load I'm using push pull on Coolmaster hyper Evo with 2 corsair SP120 PWM, also for thermal paste using Arctic Silver but i shall keep check on them and i've done fresh install of windows and removed gigabyte software, Also removed norton's hopefully this works than you very much for head's up and information mate!


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Your very welcome Shotcue121. If you do get another bsod then please just post back including the dump file. :)

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