BSOD on custom build (More frequent as of late)

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    I have a custom computer that at the start it would lock up and I wouldn't be able to do anything. The sound would keep going but no response and the only solution would be to restart. As time passed I eventually got the BSOD and did some looking up to see what was wrong. Upon research I found some drivers were out of date, my intel ones and my MSI ones for the motherboard. I updated those and now the BSOD's are even more frequent. There is no rhyme or reason but they are more and more frequent. I can't make heads or tales of the dumps even though I downloaded the viewer. I am at wit's end with this computer any help would be appreciated.

    Also, if the computer is off for any period of time and I attempt to start it up, the computer will lock up on the first try before I can even log in.

    Attached is the dump zip that I acquired from the forum rules. And if I did this correctly the htm of what is in my computer. If I goofed, let me know and I will rectify it. Thank you.


    Intel core 2 duo e8500@ 3.16
    MSI Motherboard MS7353
    4GB of ram @ 533mhz
    Geforce GTS 250 1GB

    Edit: The hard drive was replaced from an HDD to an SSD and the problems continued. Power supply as well. I have performed a memory test and even moved the sticks to new slots and it continues. Trying to be as thorough as possible here.

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