BSOD on fresh windows install

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I re-installed windows about a week ago after having many BSODs and they still are happening seemingly randomly. (One thing that consistently occurs prior to a BSOD is that uTorrent registers an I/O device eror if I am seeding a torrent.)
Do I need a new hard drive?

I ran a MemTest 86 for like 5-7 passes and it came up clean.

Thanks so much for all help!! Much appreciated!

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Normally, I'd say it's a device driver or program that's incompatible with a system that BSOD's, or even a hardware issue, and it may still be so, being that it's a reinstall.

However, you mention that this issue consistently happens while using uTorrent. I'm not going to ask about your activities, as it's none of my business. But it's a known fact that many (but not all) torrent sites are very malware laden, even if the site owners claims them to be safe.

Before you do anything, I'd suggest that you download, install & update the current version of Malwarebytes (also known as MBAM), and do a Full Scan. It's free, but if you're going to be using uTorrent a lot, you may wish to consider the lifetime Pro version. The Pro version blocks known malware sites. If you sign up at Newegg for their promos, you can often get the software for $15 or less.

Too, to see what you're getting, if you download & install MBAM, they've been offering a 14 day trial of the Pro version. That will give you plenty of time to see it in action.

If after you scan with MBAM & all is clean, then it's likely to be a device driver or program causing the issue. Was this happening before the reinstall? If not, what was the reason for the reinstall? One usually doesn't reinstall just for the sake of doing it. It may seem that I'm asking a lot, but the more we know, the more we can help. As far as uTorrent use goes, that doesn't matter to me. I've used it to download Linux install disks with no problems at all.

Your RAM seems to be OK, being that you ran it several passes. There is an app called Speccy that can let you know the SMART status of your hard drive (it state of health). Another way of testing your hard drive is to put it under load, like running a full virus scan, or anything that will run it for a while. One other thing, I've had MB's that were going bad and I was getting constant BSOD's.

Malwarebytes & Speccy can be downloaded for free from File Hippo. If you don't see them in the listings, just type them in the search box. - Download Free Software

Best of Luck & let us know what you come up with.


Thanks do much for your reply!

It occurs even when not using uTorrent. Though when using utorrent it throws the device eror. (I don't download torrents from pirate sites - strictly used for legal, private sharing.)

How would I test the motherboard? Also, what do the dump files point to? Thanks do much again!

I'm sorry but, I will not restrain myself or guard my words...

Having or using uTorrent is a bad idea. Simply put, any P2P is dangerous.

Many agree w/ this, a few won't but, it is not stated as an opinion.


Okay uTorrent = bad.

I ran MalwareBytes and it came up clean.
Speccy says my hard drive is "Good". I tested it with SeaTools also - clean.

Can someone take a look at the dump files please?
If its the motherboard - how could I test that?


Here are some things you can peruse...

How to Test Your Motherboard |
How can I test my computer motherboard and CPU for failures?
How to Test a Computer Motherboard |
Motherboard Troubleshooting Procedures

A way I've used on client's machines is very high-tech... grab a new M/B & hook it up to the box & see if the problems go away ;)



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As a Priority:

lmimirr.sys Tue Apr 10 23:32:11 2007
LMIRfsDriver.sys Mon Jul 14 17:26:22 2008
RaInfo.sys Fri Jan 04 18:57:14 2008 LogMeIn/RemotelyAnywhere. Has known issues with Windows 7. Update or Uninstall this software crap!

Thanks so much!

-I have uninstalled LogMeIn and was still experiencing BSOD.

-When I upgrade drivers do I need to remove previous versions? How to do that - what's the install directory of device drivers?

-before I wiped/formattd my HD, I used ubuntu to copy my data to external HD (couldn't use windows bec it would bsod!). Ubuntu had trouble with some of the file, couldn't copy them. When I tested those (mp3) files in windows and tried to copy them Windows would hang and BSOD. does this signify a bad HD -how would those files become corrupted? (they were music files that I created myself from a cd - not torrents! :) )

Thanksso much. I really appreciate all the assistance!

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