BSOD playing games

I did intelburn test on maximum over night. All passed. Will scan now.

I am looking at eventviewer, I see multiple errors but they all seem to be related towards programs crashing. I don't see anything too out of the norm.


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Did you run the sfc scan?

I have some dumps now. I will post. I

I ran ram test passed
cpu not overheating
gpu not overheating


Doing sfc scan, wasn't able to do it earlier.

sfc found corrupt files. It said info about it found in cbs. It says the file is to big to send too you.

Ignore that last link. I wont try that.

Would reinstalling windows updates help?

I looked in the file containting the info about what is corrupt. I noticed multiple files that are unable to be fixed so I researched that it would be best to do a "Windows Disk Upgrade" to fix this. I am attempting that now.


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I just went back and reread the whole thread again just to refresh my memory and I see you placed two sticks of RAM back. I know you say they are different sticks but the reason I asked you to remove them wasn't because the sticks were faulty. This is to do with your onboard memory controller inside the actual CPU. AMD memory controllers can be a little weak which is why I asked you to remove two sticks to see if the bsod stopped and it did. Simply adding them back will also add the bsod back as well.
I checked the dump files you sent and they are exactly the same as the last posted. Try removing the two sticks again and see if the bsod stops. If it does then there is something we could try to get all four sticks running but first test by removing the two sticks.

I reinstalled windows updates. Corrupted files are gone. I will report back if problem persists.

Bsod happened but I feel like it a program. I am running 2 replacement sticks from before. Also I lost all my dumps some how.

These bsods have happened during Witcher 3. Recently there was an Nvidia Tune Up Driver for Witcher. I am going to reinstall that.


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I would still try and remove those two sticks. If it does turn out to be that I can then suggest a fix.

I swapped out the two sticks. Tonight I am going to intelburntest them.


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Jack I don't think the sticks are actually faulty.
If you popped in two completely new sticks like you said then chances are it's something other than the two new sticks of RAM.

I think it's because the memory controller on the chip is weak and running four sticks of RAM will make bsod.

One way to counteract this is to increase the voltage to the controller.

One has to be absolutely certain that this is the case though so see if the system runs fine with only two sticks of RAM installed.

You could try again with four sticks but if it bsod's then I'd test the two new sticks. If they appear error free then you know that it has to be the memory controller.

Also Memtest86 is the best application for testing memory:

They both passed the tests. I think I tried increasing Voltage awhile ago but that was before I was 1 month clean of bsods. Increasing the Voltage might fix this issue now. How do you suppose I do this?

Also the 2 sticks that are in are the other 2 I had in before I took to out. During the period of no bsods from april 19-may 20 I use the other set which is currently not in the pc. If we do increase the memory controller voltage I will most likely swap over to the other two sticks which I am 100% positive have no issues. ( I am fairly confident of the two in currently also)

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