BSOD randomly while surfing and gaming

Yes, now you really are getting a broad range of crashes, and not only involving video.

Download and run CPU-Z. Make a screen shot of the spd tab and also the memory tab. Post them here by attaching.

Also, iastorv.sys has not been updated and the Microsoft patch has not been installed yet.

Here you go.

CPU SPD 2.png CPU-Z Mem 2.png

Memory is set well in the bios.

3 things to do:

1) Install that Microsoft patch.

2) Remove the video card and use the onboard video, until this is all figured out for sure.

3) Run Memtest86+ overnight, 8-10 passes, to test the memory. If it shows even one error, it is defective for sure and needs to be replaced.

Going by the results of how things are after these 3 things are done, we will know what the problem is or is not.

Before doing any of that, go into the bios and change the vdimm (memory voltage) or DDR voltage to 1.65v and save.

It is most likely at 1.5v now. Bump it up .15 to 1.65v.

See if crashes happen like this. If they do, still leave it like that, but then refer to my previous post.

I installed the patch all i have to do is restart, i have a different video card i can switch real quick, and the Memtest86+ and the Mem Voltage change I'm not sure on how to do, can u explain a bit?

Check your motherboard manual for that. It will show you. To get in the bios, usually but not always, you have to keep tapping on the delete key on the keyboard until the blue settings screen appears while turning on the pc.

Once in there, search around for the DDR, memory, or chipset settings. The vdimm or memory voltage setting will be there. Look for the 1.5v setting. There shouldn't be anything else like that at 1.5v currently. If you believe you have the right one based on my description (DDR, VDimm or memory voltage) - then change that to 1.65v.

This is needed because you have OCZ RAM. They always need this bump in voltage. Your modules are intended and purposely made to run at this higher voltage.

I have OCZ Gold memory as well, but a slower machine and DDR instead of DDR3.

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