BSOD since the first day


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I purchased a branded MSI system in Oct, 2018 with Win 10 preinstalled and since then i have constant and daily BSOD events. I use the PC mainly for work (graphic design), browsing and playing but the events do not seem to be related to a specific activity. I manually checked for all drive updates several times, keep the Win updates up to date, ran the Intell Processor Diagnostic Tool (everything ok) and don't know what else to do.

Would appreciate some help in the matter, thanks in advance.



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Drivers - yes, i checked and checked a lot of times. Firmware - i don't know how. Can you give me some directions?


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The firmware should be available on the manufacturer site same place you download drivers


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The Bios Date from my System Summary has a more recent date (26.04.2018) than the Bios update from the manufacturer support site (27.12.2017). Other than a Bios update the download options include only drivers.


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your dump is bugcheck 124 or a machine check exception.

I know you ran the Intel diagnostic but try stress testing and see if the cpu holds up.

Watch the temps too.

I also notice your running Bitdefender. Sometimes third party AV suites can cause issues such as this, try removing as a test.

May I ask why you didn't use the warranty re the system?

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Where did you purchase this computer (, Best Buy, etc. or was it a second-hand purchase) and do you happen to know if that system had originally come with an OEM or original install of Windows 7 or 10 (meaning was this a second-hand owner computer)?

An OEM copy of Windows installed with your computer means that that MSI branded computer came straight from the manufacturer untouched (and with a slightly modified copy of Windows 10, meaning your MSI computer had the original audio/video/USB and other manufacturers' drivers needed to operate your computer direct from the factory). An original copy means that you need not only to track down and install your MSI computer drivers but have a full version of Windows 10 to reinstall to your computer.​
Do you have a full installation of Windows 10 OS that you can install on a bootable USB drive or can you get one?

You stated you work in graphic designing, yes? If so, what I think what needs to be done is purchasing another Seagate (my brand of choice, anyway) hard drive and installing a fresh copy of Windows 10 on the new hard drive. Then trying to recover any files that you have on your original hard drive from your MSI computer, if you could not get to back up your user files before the drive crashed. (I usually have a couple of spare hard drives laying around so that I can figure if I left something on the drive before reformatting it after a catastrophic failure such as you got.)

Finally, since you told us that your BIOS firmware was newer than that from the website, I am taking a leap of faith saying that you might have had an OEM copy of Windows 10 installed.