after months of bliss, without a glich,and consumer happiness my fujitsu siemens xi 2528 notebook has started acting up again ,I need help


This is very irratating ,I have tried to install the nvidia geoforce 8600m gs drivers using the driver update utility in the system manager
but vista continually refuses to boot in to windows ,stops at boot screen for 5mins and then goes to blue screen,can someone please help

What BCCodes do you see on those blue screens?
What driver do they mention?

Try system restore if you haven't.
If you can boot to safe mode and attach the crash files ftom C:\Windows\Minidump, please do so.

hello cybercore, hears the info

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hello cybercore ,sorry about the delay, this was a hardware issue nvidia geoforce 8600m gs errrrrr, I have read alot of things about the nvidia geoforce range , it doesn't seem to be a righteous product ,I have had problems with drivers and crashes for a while ,then I installed the drivers from the system manager, and it worked for months ,then crash bang wollop it stopped working bsod and the striped screen of mongol,but being a posative humanoid I checked out a technique called cooking your graffic card,and it really does work , you can put it in an oven at 200c, for 10 mins until crispy brown or you can use a hair dryer for 1-2 mins and hey presto it really works so thanx for your time cybercore it's always nice to know that there is someone there ,when you need help,cheers

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