BSoDs & Reboots

Hi again, i got to that menu and i think i got the settings right, but it seems to crash anyway but not showing me bluescreens.
And after it rebooted (by itself) no USB device worked, which is weird... so i had to unplug the computer and plug it in again to get them to work.
Something is seriously wrong with this computer.

9-9-9-24-6-41-12-6 are the settings that i get in the first formation there...

I reset them to default again, it seems like the memory speed and mem volts that are the ones freezing my computer.

Adding the most recent minidump before changing speeds.

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Here's another BSoD

Right, so i've got another BSoD which is annoying.

I've removed one of the memory sticks and the computer actually worked for 5 days in a row,
until i decided to let it rest so i shut it down, the next morning i turned it on and after 5 minutes of browsing i got a BSoD.
Now is there anyone that can tell me what the **** is going on?! this is getting really frustrating.

I gotta ask.. is my memory sticks compatible with my motherboard? i mean.. why is it showing wrong frequencies and voltage
and when i change for higher frequency and voltage that is supposed to be correct, the computer freezes?
Oh and by the way i could only increase the voltage by .02 increments which means that i can't reach 1.65V

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