C:\Windows\system32 popups up automatically

Every 5 minutes, C:\Windows\system32 would pop up automatically. The folder would just pop up automatically while I'm doing a task such as browsing the web. I have use avast and malwarebytes to search for antimalware activities and I have found nothing. Does anyone else have a solution for this? The folder browser does not pop-up on start-up but rather a couple minutes after. The timing for when it pops up is random. It sometimes doesn't do it for over an hour and sometimes it only takes 5 minutes.


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You probably have installed a simple program, and that makes it happen. It may be something as simple as a calendar... or a clock... most probably something that doesn't have an uninstall. Check and delete, and it'll probably go away.

I hope.


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You might try watching Task Manager to see if anything shows activity when it pops up.

Have you run malwarebytes in safemode doing a full scan?


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Go to START and type msconfig... go to "startup" items and see if you can detect the culprit. If there are any files with a .bat extension, delete it. Restart.

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