Can a WIN 7 32-bit System Image Backup be loaded and converted to a WIN 7 64-bit system?

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    I will be getting a new PC with WIN 7, 64-bit and an INTEL i7 Extreme Edition processor. I would like to know if I will be able to use a System Image Backup that was created in my old PC that has WIN 7, 32-bit version. Can this be done? Will the 32-bit version have have 64-bit performance in the new PC? I dislike the idea of having to reload all my programs again and having to duplicate all my PC settings. Please help. Thanks.

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    This should not be a problem. As far as having 64-bit performance with a 32-bit back up--your applications are 32 bit, therefore those programs will remain 32-bit unless the 64-bit is installed. To learn more about system image back up and restore options, please see the following link: Restore your computer from a system image backup
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    If you restore a 32 bit image backup to a hard drive, you will have a 32 bit OS, no matter what was on it prior to restoring the image. It will basically wipe the hard drive and restore the previous OS. If that is what you want, then it should work. The 64 bit OS is not that big of deal, unless you want to use more than 4 GB of memory.

    Also, restoring an image from another system might cause some problems and it depends on how the system can handle the earlier install. Be prepared for some restarts to replace drivers and most certainly a re-activation. There is no guarantee it will work.
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