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    I recently moved some important files from my external hard drive to my pc. I checked and everything had been transferred so i went ahead and formatted by hard drive, i shut down my pc and when i turned it on again half of the folders i had earlier transferred would not open. This is the message I get;
    "Can not open script file "C:\Users\user\Desktop\EX-HDD backup\15\i08080.js".

    I have included some screenshots of the message as well as how the properties of the affected file looks.
    Please help!!


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    From your description, a number of files require i08080.js, and they are not finding it in the C:\Users\user\Desktop\EX-HDD backup\15\ directory. I would guess that in transferring the files, either you didn't maintain the relative directory structure, or there is a configuration file or registry entries that point to an old relative location. First question, is that file located in that directory? If not, the simplest solution would be to create the directory if necessary and move the file there. If the file is actually there and it is not being found, that's a whole different problem.

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