Windows 7 Can you downoad wmp 12 on the microsoft site.

It comes with Windows 7, where it was designed for! So I guess you want to have it for Vista or XP, but my best guess is that either that version will not come for those OSes because it uses the Windows Library function, or it will be released after the official release of Win7
For People using Win7...

O[pen Media Player..Click Help then click About..

You will see you're Already using #12 lol

I opened media player clicked the blue help logo and there wasn't anything like that. LOL Also anybody switching from xp to Windows 7 at first glance wouldn't really know what version of wmp was on there but I'll take your word for it.
sorry bud Wrong

Right-click on the player up top u will see File,Blah,Blah then Help then Menu Opens & it at the BOTTOM... :)
Hey budd sorry it took Awhile to get back

Here is the Pic i wanna show ya it Shows the Media Player...

You will see where I have it High-Lighted on the About media Player ,That where the Version Number Is...