Cannot access bios


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I cannot access the BIOS of my laptop using any function button.
When I remove the hard drive and thereby force the system to enter the BIOS I noticed an exclamation mark before boot menu in the boot order list. Since the ! stands for inaccessible hardware i assume there are some problems with my main board. I think the first time this problem occurred is when I installed Linux.

Need make/model of laptop?


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Lenovo B570e
Main board: Emerald Lake


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1. Try "Default settings" in BIOS, if you can get that.
2. If your computer has warranty, take it to service. Being physically able to examine the computer is something quite else than trying to solve problems here. Generally, it's good to build a [personal] relationship to someone who really knows, it's long term.
3. A stone age thing that isn't very much noted today is the CMOS, and battery thereof. Nullify your CMOS, perhaps renew the battery, they are sometimes with fault.

Something may be found at

Very unsure here. Best wishes.

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