Cannot access one pc only on network.

Here is my issue. I have 3 pc's all on the same router. one is wireless and running linux mint 16, the other two are wired with one running w7 ultimate 32 and the other running w7 ultimate 64. Since about the beginning of April the 32 bit machine cannot access the 64 bit machine. It shows it in the network but cannot ping or view files. I can view and ping the 32 machine from the 64 machine though. Both can access the linux pc and there are no issues there. This is only an issue with the 32 machine. This is also a work pc for me and is a major problem. I use synergy to share my mouse and keyboard and haven't changed anything. It was working fine for a few years and all of a sudden it stopped.


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Usually this is the result of an install or upgrade of security software.
You may want to consider what has been installed or upgraded or otherwise reconfigured on the 64 bit machine since the beginning of April.
It's often and most likely third party security suites but may even be a result of tweaks that you, someone or something has made to the native windows firewall.

My general suggestion would be to uninstall any third party security suite software first by using the programs and features applet in the control panel, followed by the vendor specific proprietary removal tool.
You can Google for that or check here although I'm not sure that, that list is current and up to date. Your best bet to get current vendor removal utilities is simply Google "removal tool" preceded by your particular Software. (AVG Removal Tool, Norton Removal Tool, McAfee Removal Tool, etc., )

Replace that with MSE for the time being from here

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