Cannot see file shares on network


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I have 4 PCs on my network, all running windows 10 (3 on 1803 and 1 on 1809). They are connected to a Netgear Dual Band router - 2 at 2.4 Ghz and 2 at 5 Ghz.
Up until a few days ago, the network ran perfectly and I could share files from all computers in both directions.

Now, I cannot only see the other computers on the network from my main office computer. None of the other three computers can see any of the other connected computers, including themselves.

It seems obvious that the problem is in the main computer but the share settings are all identical for all 4 machines.

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.


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If you're trying to see the devices from the 'Network' section of explorer then there are a few services needed.

For a device to be discoverable on LAN network that device needs to have the 'Function Discovery Resource Publication' service enabled.

For a device to discover another device you need 'Function Discovery Provider Host' service to be running

You also need to allow file/print sharing and network discovery on the network profile that is active (Domain, Private or Public)
You also need the server service running in order to host a network share and workstation service to access those shares

Some other considerations
  • You should have computers on the same workgroup by default they are all on the workgroup called WORKGROUP
  • A firewall could block the connection


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kgash, I have had those problems too. Jump through the hoops and you'll get it done.

I quick way to share files is with nitroshare, NitroShare You can install the program in Windows/MacOS/Linux. It puts an icon into the system-tray & and entry into the right-click menu, and it will share cross-platform with no problems. It works for me...:)


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Thank you all for your useful replies. I have been working on this for almost a week (on and off because each of the computers on the net is used a lot and I don't have access to them).
I have set the Function Discovery services and the sharing settings on each computer exactly the same. I have also reset my 6 month old router.

The table above shows how things look on the various computers. Notice that computer D does not even see itself.

I haven't tried NitroShare yet but will do so as soon as I can.

Is there any chance that there could be a fault in the router that can cause this problem?