Windows 10 Cannot access some websites

Why is it I get a 'no data received' error whenever I try to access some websites? I tried to open the websites with both Edge and Chrome, both came back with the same error. Yet, when I try to access the sites using Android, I have no problems at all.

Is it a firewall problem? If so, how to fix that?


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I'm surprised that you have the problem in Chrome, I've run into this with Windows Explorer and Edge to a lesser degree.

But you can try turning off the firewall for a few minutes, reboot, and see if the pages open with out it turned on.
Don't forget to turn it back on.

At least you can find out if that's the problem or not.

It may have to do with your internet preferences some how.
In Chrome open Settings, Advanced Settings and click on Change Proxy Settings then Lan Settings.

Make sure it's set to Automatically Detect Settings.

You could also run Malwarebytes just to be sure that some kind of malware isn't blocking them.
Not likely but you never know.

Beyond that I don't really have any ideas.


Just tried all three things. No luck. Thanks anyway.

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