cannot adjust HDMI output brightness display

it mentions to use the VAIO control center to adjust screen resolution to the output display, could that be the solution?

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yes see if the instructions are right im sure the hdmi will work i was just seeing what other things we could try also check what the tv says about connecting to the hdmi ports

unfortunately the VAIO control center doesn't mention anything about the screen brightness for an output display :(

i just noticed that the screen brightness on my TV does change but very little there is almost no difference between the maximum brightness and the minimum brightness, this happens only when my laptop is connected. Without it, when i watch normal channels, the brightness does significantly vary

do other controls work like hue saturation contrast etc?

sorry but the link doesn't work :confused:

i have uploaded the file here for you >>> TQB0E0929.pdf see page 58 and 92 and 97 >>>

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Thank you man!

hi have you got it working ok now? :cool:

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