Cannot Create Homegroup

When I try to create a HomeGroup I go through the steps by going into the control panel, click HomeGroup then create HomeGroup, click next, select what to share click next and I get
Windows can't setup a homegroup on this computer.
So my question is why am I not able to create a homegroup and how do I fix it so I can?


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are you using a local or Microsoft account with Windows 8? If your using a local account try changing to a Microsoft one.

I'm using a Microsoft account with Windows 8.

I can't even create a homegroup my computer won't let me.


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Try this:
In File explorer, go to C:\Windows\ServiceProfiles\LocalService\AppData\Roaming\PeerNetworking
and move the file idstore.sst to a safe place (just in case you need to replace it)
Try again to create a homegroup.

There is no idstore.sst file in the C:\Windows\ServiceProfiles\LocalService\AppData\Ro aming\PeerNetworking folder.


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The HomeGroup troubleshooter does not give any useful information?

Do you have a Homegroup set up on another system, since only one controls the Homegroup and others can only join it.

From you description of what happens when you try to set one up, it almost sounds like you do not have the proper sharing options configured.

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Yes The HomeGroup troubleshooter was helpful and I created a homegroup.

What is the purpose of a HomeGroup? thx


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What is the purpose of a HomeGroup? thx
Hi Judy,

A Homegroup is for sharing your files or printers across a home network. So if you had two pc's in the house you could use a Homegroup to connect them across a network. This web page may help:

HomeGroup from start to finish - Microsoft Windows Help

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