Windows 8 Cannot create recovery drive in Windows 8


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Feb 25, 2013
I bought a new computer yesterday and I cannot create recovery drive on it (Windows 8).

It says:
"We can't create a recovery drive on this PC. Some required files are missing. To troubleshoot problems when your PC can't start, use your Windows installation disc or media."

I did not get any Windows installation discs with this computer.
Does anyone have any ideas how to solve this problem? Thanks.

Most new computers have an application some place that will write a Windows Install Disk.
I'd start by looking to see if you can find that.

On Dells there is usually a link on the start menu when you first get it.
What kind of computer is this, laptop, desktop, brand?

The information that I found says that you do need the disk to create a recovery drive.

What is the make and model of your PC? All retail PC's have a separate drive, named D, that has the OS installed for safe keeping. In case you loose your windows repair disks that you made for the system.
My system gives me the same message. Since it appears you cannot get past that message, perhaps it is looking for the Windows 8 install files which include everything to reinstall your system, as was mentioned in the prior responses.

I did use the Backup and Restore utility to make a recovery CD, but it is funny, it would not boot on the system that made it, but it would boot on a newer motherboard.

There are many different versions of "Recovery" media. What you need it to do, is relevant to the discussion.

Edit: I just tried the process again and did not get the message. Using an 8 GB flash drive (doesn't have to be that large) I was able to complete. I do not know for sure why my earlier attempt failed, but perhaps your recovery system is not set up correctly. Can you hit Shift+Restart and get into the Recovery options and select those options without an error message?
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Hi. Thanks for your response.
I found the place were to create and write Windows 8 installation disc, but it throws errer message just before USB/DVD selection window: cannot create recovery drive because some files are missing, use Win installation disc...
I have Lenovo Ideapad Z580.
I suppose you checked your recovery system and it was functioning normally?

When you make the drive, there is a checkbox, greyed out on my system, for including the Recovery partition. This checkbox refers to the OEM Recovery partition with the install files and not the Windows 8 Recovery partition. If you are checking that, try making the drive without doing that.

It might also be that the OEM set the system up so the Windows 8 utility cannot find what it needs....maybe the Lenovo community would know.

Methodology to create Recovery Media and reload a Lenovo Think system with Microsoft Windows 8 preload
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