Can't access the internet

Hi guys,
A couple days ago, I grudgingly allowed someone to install Norton on my desktop computer. It's running Windows 7, fyi. Immediatly after it was installed, I was unable to connect to the internet. It can find my router, and it tells me I'm connected, but with limited access, and all it says is identifying. So I can't get onto the internet. I tried the troubleshooter built into Windows 7, and it told me there isn't a problem. I tried to system restore back to before I installed Norton, and I tried two or three times, and it failed everytime. I tried to return my windows firewall to its recommened settings, and it said it can't change some of my settings. My computer is the only device having the problem, which led me to believe it was Norton's fault. So I uninstalled Norton, and it didn't fix the problem. I tried to use a network cable to share the internet connnection from my laptop (which works fine), and it had the same problem as when I tried wirelessly. I tried reseting my TCP/IP stack, and that didn't work. I'm not sure what I should do. I'd be grateful for any insights you might have =D
Norton also found 6 high level trojans, apparently, which it promptly got rid of, so the problem could be that it messed up one of my system 32 files, but I don't have a windows disk lying around to repair with, so I was hoping to try some other fixes before I go out and buy a new disk. Thanks in advance!


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It appears as though Norton had quarantined one or more of your system files. This is typical of some security products, though it's the first time that I've heard of it with Norton.

Lets get down to business. Is your install a retail OEM one (that was on your computer when new), or a upgrade/clean install from a prior version of Windows, or is it custom built?

If your computer shipped with Windows 7, it's highly likely that you have a recovery partition, as long as it wasn't removed. And there also should have been the option to burn recovery disks, on a new one.

So, what do you have?


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