Windows 8 Cant activate win 8 on HP Pavilion dv6-6047cl


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two weeks ago I had a hard drive failure on the stated laptop. I installed an OCZ ssd and reinstalled windows 7 from a retail family pack. I used the Certificate of Authenticity (COA) windows key from the sticker on the HP laptop. This activated no problem. I purchased this laptop new at SAMS club.

I also upgraded two desktop computers to windows 8 that also had this family pack copy of windows 7 installed on them (about a year ago). Both of these computers activated with no problem. I also installed a separate windows media player upgrade on each computer.

I then upgraded the laptop to windows 8. I also upgraded it to windows media player.
I noticed that the key provided during the upgrade was the same provided by Microsoft during the upgrade of one of the desktop computers.

The validation was successful at first.

A day later I got a message stating that windows was not genuine. I then attempted to purchase another key and Microsoft stated that I could not purchase a key in my current country or region (I am in Wisconsin).

The website stated that I had to validate windows by purchasing a validation pack at a local retailer.

Why cant I validate windows? I have the COA still attached and nothing is different about the computer except the replaced hard drive.


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This is do to the WMC key being activated on a previous machine. You will need a new key and to get that you will need a different email address for each WMC installation.


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If I understand correctly you are trying to apply the key from a COA for Win 7 (presumable OEM) to a Windows 8 install - which is not valid.


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SUCCESS.... Thanks all.

My problem initially happened after I applied the key from the OEM COA for Win 7 when I installed the UPGRADE win 7 disk on the new SSD drive. Activated fine... no problems.
Later (a week?) I installed the Windows 8 upgrade downloaded from Microsoft for 40 bucks (this gave me a good key). I also installed the media player upgrade which gave me an identical key as a previous install of the media player on a desktop computer I own.

This activated for a day, but the activation failed. I got a message when I booted up a few days later that stated that this copy of windows was installed on more than one computer.

I achieved success after I called the Microsoft phone number listed in "Control Panel" "System" when I pressed the activate windows link.

I read the lengthy string of "Installation ID" numbers and entered the lengthy string of new numbers.

This worked after I answered a question of how many computers I had this copy of windows installed on. I answered ONE, which had not changed. .. I have been told I could also have called 800 936-5700.


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bassfisher6522 is correct. Microsoft verified this to me. When you request a WMC key you get the same key every time you use the same e-mail address.

Do not use the same key on different computers or you will get the same error I had. Microsoft will gladly fix it though.


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I also learned that the "Change Product Key" link has been removed from Windows 8 "System" information.

This has been replaced with an application "Slui 3" which accomplishes the same thing. Microsoft had to eventually change my key remotely using this application. They generated a new key for me.

I couldn't get a new key myself because you cant get a WMC key on the Microsoft website from a computer that has WMC installed.