Can't Combine Video Files


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Since they made the stupid decision to get rid of Movie Maker, I can't combine any videos. I've tried online sites but they won't do some of my videos. I can't use the Photos app, because it doesn't work for me. When I open it, it opens for a couple of seconds but shuts right back off.

I've tried VLC, but the choice to pick a place to save the file doesn't exist for me. I've read that you can use windows media player...but I can't.

Any ideas ? Preferably free.

Windows 10 version 21H1


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where do I get it from ? I went to the official page and don't know which version to get. There are tons of download links.

Nevermind. I can't install it anyway. The install wizard doesn't work for me. I can open the 7z file and get the folder with the .exe onto my desktop. But when I click the .exe file...nothing happens. I can't figure this out. I just want to crop a video to 4:3.....or find an online site that will me do it. But every site that I try seems to have a 100mb file size limit. The file I want to do is 1.8 gb.

It would seem that I need to do it myself on my computer....which I can't do because the install wizard refuses to open.
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What online video editing sites you've tried? You can download video editing software on your PC to combine videos. URL - check this one for more information.