can't connect to internet to connection available

Hello all,

2 months ago my old windows pc crashed it worked all fine (also internet).
so yesterday my brother gave his old pc to me i installed windows 7 on it and it works all fine, the only thing that doesn't work is the internet first i thought the problem was the wifi adapter so i bought a brand new wifi adapter and it still doesn't work i keep getting the same error ( not connected to internet),(no connections available) internet worked fine at my old pc and now it doesn't work i tried everything i could find on google or youtube but it all doesn't work. updated my internet driver reinstalled the internet driver, everything i tried everything.

if someone please could help me out, if anyone would like a picture of my internet settings feel free to ask

Thanks in the advance


Ps. Wifi works fine on other pc's


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All I come to think of right now is, whether your card is enabled in BIOS? Might well be a Motherboard setting?

The easiest way to try it would be to set your Motherboard at "Safe default settings". It depends, though.

thanks for your reply. i ll try to set it but could you please explain me where i can change this? thanks


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How to access your BIOS varies with motherboard. And WARNING: messing with BIOS can be lethal, be very careful with what you do. I've added an image of how it's done, courtesy to

Your key to the BIOS is most probably shown in your POST, that is the white letters on a black background when your computer starts. It all goes very fast, but you can usually stop it by pressing the Pause button. The key to enter BIOS should be down left. If you can find it, it should work by pressing Esc, which restarts the process, then press the right key. It may take a bit of training, it all goes very fast. And, in case your startup is set to only show the manufacturer's Logo --- nasty bit.

Any further advice requires the make of your motherboard. If you're unsure, install CPU-Z at It'll give you tons of information, and is highly revered. And it will clearly show your motherboard.

Not to forget, I'm not sure I give the perfect advice. But we need to try, don't we? :cool: And the fact that the Wifi works fine on other computers clearly seems to indicate that the problem is inside your computer.


Thanks for your advise sadly enough its still not working :/
its a weird problem..


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When you open Control Panel > Device Manager do you see anything peculiar? Like question marks?

If it's a USB connection adapter, try another port. USB can be tricky, unplugging / plugging oftentimes helps. If it is USB, do other USB apparatus work? Say, try with a memory stick?

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