Cant format my Hard drive

Hello, i recently bought a new hard drive to put my os on, and i stupidly changed my old hard drive type from basic to dymainic, and its not letting me reformat it or convert it back to basic. When i try it says "Windows cannot format the system volume on this disk." Does anyone know how i can fix this?


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Try a system restore to a date before this happened.

is there a way to get "system" off of my L drive and on to my C drive? I think that might be the problem why i cant change it back to basic.


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It would seem that you are in a similar position as discussed in this article here Switching my Windows 7 Boot Disk from D to C with BCDBoot rather than BCDEdit - Scott Hanselman
And after regarding reverting your disk back to basic from dynamic (without losing data if that is a concern) bdonk contributed this thread here which many have found useful.
I would of course make certain that I had reliable backups of my critical data as well as a current, valid and verified system image as a strong fall back position.
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Maybe another option. But as Trouble mentions, backup anything you might loose the data.

Convert dynamic disk to basic disk with Partition Wizard?

Partition wizard can be downloaded and burned using the Home version. But it does state only certain types of Dynamic disks can be converted without loosing data and there is a warning about using the bootable version as a partition letter change might occur.

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