Can't ger rid of Onedrive on my PC


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I deleted Onedrive (or at least I thought I did) but now when I save a file to Documents it still goes to c: users/kgash/onedrive/documents instead of
How can I change this behaviour. I no longer have onedrive.exe on my system.

Thank you.


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He didn't with out hacking the registry and if he does that Microsoft will just put it back

You can turn it off and then go to settings and tell it not to automatically run at system start

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Exactly how did you do this? I like to use a 3rd party software call Revo Uninstaller....the free version.
I generally use IObit Uninstaller.

Goto start/settings/system/storage. croll down to "change where new content is saved"
I did that and all I found on the Change page were drop-down buttons which listed the drives on my system. No other action, such as picking a folder, was available.

I find it frustrating that I set whatever folder I want for Downloads, I can my move Pictures folder to another storage drive but I cannot set the path to the Documents folder of my choice. I started using desktop computers before MSDOS and well before Windows so I don't like or need preset organizational schemes to do file management for me.


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I don't like or need preset organizational schemes to do file management for me.
Couldn't agree more - it's been the trend since we moved from DOS 6 to Windows 95 and like you, I resent having regimes imposed on me.