Can't install driver on Win 7 Home Basic 64 - conflict, permission or corruption problem?

Hi, everyone,

For days I have been battling to install the drivers and other software for a HP M1132 MFP printer/scanner on a laptop that runs Win 7 Home Basic 64-bit. On other laptops (running a 32-bit version of Win 7, and XP, respectively) and an XP desktop the install went flawlessly, but on this particular laptop it aborts with the helpful message that "Printer installation failed - a new printer was not installed". In the event viewer I see the following:

Event ID 7030: The HP Si Service service (sic) is marked as an interactive service. However, the system is configured not to allow interactive services."
All systems run the same installation of BitDefender, so that doesn't look to be the problem - at least it isn't a problem on the other systems.

I have gone through the service control manager in hopes of configuring it to allow desktop interaction of this service, but it isn't listed as a service. And of course this error condition should not occur in the first place, so it remains to be seen whether or not what would have solved the problem.

So at this point I first need to find out what causes this error - is it a Windows setting, is it a restriction unique to the 64-bit version of Windows 7 (seeing as on another laptop with the 32-bit version it runs fine) or is it some other conflict? I have gone several rounds with various HP Customer Scare helldesk employees (to the point where I know most of them by name) and eventually they gave up and told me that it's a Windows problem and therefore not theirs. Needless to say we have tried updating drivers, uninstalling/reinstalling, and what not, with zero result. I've also tried just about anything else I could find on Google.

So I'm stuck. I'm not a Windows guru in the first place (ok, let me come right out and say it - I'm a Unix guy) and I'm not well versed yet in the ins and out of Windows 7. So all suggestions would be appreciated at this point - as well as donations of aspirin... :(


// Frank van Wensveen, Johannesburg, South Africa

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