Cant install Windows7

Hello Im new and ive been having trouble with my computer. I want to install windows 7 but a message pops up saying:
[h=1]No drives were found. click driver to provide a mass storage driver for installation.[/h]Please help me.


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Hello Mr. Lauren (love your fragrances) and welcome to the forum.
Not much to go on. No system specs (read this
No information as to how you are installing Windows 7, (clean custom, upgrade, etc.,)
You'll likely need to acquire the controller driver for your specific motherboard in order to load the AHCI ((NCQ) Native Command Queuing, Hot Swap ability, if those two features are attractive to you) drivers during the setup or switch from AHCI to Native IDE in the system BIOS.
Just a best guess with nothing at all to go on.

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oh I'm sorry I'm new at this I have an Acer Aspire T180. Yes I am doing a clean installation of windows 7. When I place my CD in my Computer and try to install it I get a message saying "No drives were found. click driver to provide a mass storage driver for installation." Same thing happened to the Iso image of the Windows7 Installation.


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You'll likely need to go here Acer Support: Downloads & Support Documents - Desktop / Aspire / Aspire T180 select Vista Ultimate 32bit from the OS drop down and get the SATA Driver.
It's a zip file, so you will need to extract it and then copy the SATA_NVIDIA_5.10.2600.0962_Vistax86 to portable media (CD or USB Thumb Drive) and then when you get the prompt above click as indicated and browse to the \SATA_NVIDIA_5.10.2600.0962_Vistax86\Sata32 and double click the nvstor32.inf file
that should get you through the install, but you will likely want to go to the nvidia site and update that driver since the only one I could find from acer was for Vista 32 bit.


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Enough ideas here for you to get your teeth into!

You could check your bios. By default, in that machine, it should be saying in an option, that it is in SATA Controller mode. If not, change it.

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