Windows 8 Can't Modify Networked HDD Need Help Please


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Just got a new pc that has W8, came from XP. I have a popcorn hour NMT with an internal HDD that I have networked and was working fine with my old pc. The drive is mapped and is visible in windows explorer and I can even upload files to it with Filezilla. When I try to modify a file through w explorer it shows the drive as read only. Below is what I have tried so far and nothing seems to work.

Installed "take ownership" program
enabled hidden administrator account
tried to take ownership through properties/security/advanced
change permissions in properties (goes through all of the files and unchecks read only but when I close and open it again read only is checked)

For some reason I can't seem to get a full administrator account to work. I am the only user of the pc and I have an administrator account but it's standard. Any help would be appreciated as I am clueless of what to try next.


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Thanks for the response. I got it working. Not sure exactly what did it as I tried anything I could find that others did.
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Glad to hear your sorted and thank you for updating your thread.