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    Hey, that's Great you got it fixed!:up: Microsoft Tech did what's now called a Windows Reset, this used to be called an "in-place upgrade" in earlier versions of windows. Actually, my link in POST #7, actually covered this method of repair, after the completion of the hardware testing and clicked through to the embedded link I posted here: Sound Problems. Item #3 on my list of software solutions was listed in Bold for Items #1 (in-place upgrade), and Item #2, Windows Reset. Either of these items would do what the Microsoft Tech did for you, but it's a long article as you noticed *6-8 pages*, so it's no wonder you may have missed it.:polite:

    The key points I was trying to make for you was that we conclusively proved the problem was within your 1 broken computer as your other devices worked with you FB account. The other point was to make sure you properly tested your SSD drive, as in some cases, it's due to a failing or failed SSD drive, not just Windows corruption as it appeared to be in this case. However, if you HADN'T done the Hardware testing and had the Microsoft Tech apply the same solution (or you applied it from my linked troubleshooting article), that problem could have reappeared, and there is nothing worse than a problem you seem to have corrected, only to have it reappear a day or a week later! :skull: That's why I was trying to get you to do a thorough job of testing your hardware. I hope I didn't bust your chops on that too much. Sorry if I did.:apologetic:

    Take care,:congratulatory:
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    They did try an in-place upgrade first. It didn't work.
    Then they did a full reset ... that worked.

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