Windows 7 Can't print--com surrogate has stopped working


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Finally got around to installing my printer today. No hiccups on installation. I can scan pictures from the included software and do other things. I CANNOT print. Even without using the printer software, and just, let's say, right clicking on a document and clicking on print, same problem. Windows gets "opaque" and and error pops up: com surrogate has stopped working
I have disabled dep and rebooted, but still same prob. Any thoughts? If this is a repeat question, I apologize in advance. I did a search and didn't see anything on this problem.
All suggestions and thoughts appreciated!
COM Surrogate Stopped working

I have the same exact problem, same systems. I have tried everything also, no luck. Hope someone has a solution........................
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There are a few reasons for getting such a message. But begiining with the simplest - If you are using Nero (one which is notorious for this fault!) or any online music (Itunes etc..) disable them, for the experiment, restart and try and print again.